Ryan Gosling Lookalike Pulls Off Epic Prank on Live Awards Show

Nicole Kidman, Colin Farrell and Jane Fonda were among the stars left speechless as the hunk came out to pick up the Best International Film award for La La Land at the German Golden Camera bash. The host later returned to the stage to point out the obvious, that that was not the real Gosling after all. The show's host Steven Gaetjen, who was visibly excited by the special guest, introduced the alleged actor as "one of the hottest stars in Hollywood...the one and only, Ryan Gosling" to the stage. There is a saying in Hamburg.

Just when you thought that this awards season couldn't get anymore freakish, a Ryan Gosling impersonator goes up on stage to collect an award on behalf of the actor to prove you wrong. Instead, comedians Joko Wintersheidt and Klass Heufer-Umlauf made a decision to plan the ultimate prank, setting up a fake agency and telling the organisers that they could get the La La Land star to appear at the ceremony on the condition that he received an award.

He then turns and walks off as the audience look on in astonishment.

The mix-up was all an elaborate prank orchestrated by German comedians Joko Winterscheidt and Klaas Heufer-Umlauf, who fooled the Goldene Kamera organizers into inviting the fake Gosling.

The Gosling imposter is identified in the video as Ludwig Lehner, a chef from Munich.

The audience resoundingly agreed.

The prank comes weeks after the Oscars blunder which saw La La Land crowned Best Film - only for Moonlight to be declared the real victor minutes later.

Offering a harrowing glimpse of an alternate reality where Hitler won WWII, a man who resembled a sloppy, third-generation clone of Ryan Gosling accepted a Goldene Kamera in Germany, where La La Land is still receiving awards and generating live television gaffes in an endless dystopian loop.

  • Jacqueline Ellis