DuckTales And More Return in Capcom's Disney Afternoon Collection

April 18, to be exact, which is when you can get your hands on rebuffed digital-only versions of games now well over two decades old. The titular heroes and supporting cast of Monterey Jack, Gadget and Zipper must stop Fat Cat from his evil desire of world domination.

Like with the studio's previous retro compilation, The Disney Afternoon Collection will feature bonus concept art, sketches, and music, along with "tons of awesome material from when the original games were still being made back in the 80s and 90s". All of this, plus an in-game museum featuring facts and images from the original releases.

Darkwing Duck - Jump in the shoes of superhero Darkwing Duck and fight crime with lots of charm and wits. The beautifully restored classic games feature crisp 1080p support and include all-new modes which can be enjoyed by first-time players and long-time fans.

New game modes including Boss Rush which allows players to take part in a string of consecutive boss battles and a Time Attack mode that tracks the time it takes to complete stages have also been added to each game. If a part of the game trips you up, you can press the left trigger to briefly rewind backward and take another shot at that portion of the level.

The Disney Afternoon Collection is already arriving next month on Xbox One. There is also a new time attack mode with leaderboards where players can compete for the fastest times on a given course.

The Disney Afternoon Collection will also feature offline play, allowing you to play either by yourself or with another player just like the original NES days.

  • Essie Rivera