PlayStation 3 production to end soon in Japan

A notice on the official Japanese PlayStation website states that production of PlayStation 3 will be ending soon, probably around the end of of March. Currently, you will find only one model of Sony PlayStation 3 in Japan: the charcoal black 500GB version.

Given Sony consoles have generally have a ten year life span, the decision isn't surprising, but it's always a little sad when a beloved machine makes the trip to Silicon Heaven. The service now hosts 483 PS3 titles and cloud saves for seamless play on PS4 and Windows 10 PCs.

First released in November 2006 in the USA and Japan, Europeans had to wait until the following March to grab the console.

The PlayStation 3 was a console far ahead of its time and came with several groundbreaking features (for the time) such as Blu Ray support, in built HDD/Wi-Fi and state of the art graphics. It would also see a high end of downloadable titles released, including Journey and Flower, amongst hundreds of other releases.

Sony released the PlayStation 4.5 System Update last week for its PlayStation game consoles. Sony still includes PS3 (and PS Vita) in monthly PlayStation Plus promotions, and though they're becoming increasingly rare, games were still being released for the system as late as October of previous year.

Sony did not give any specific date, while a game shop in Kurume, Fukuoka reportedly tweeted about a notification that production will end this month.

But PlayStation said that it will start including PS4 games with the subscription, too.

Lifetime PS3 sales are believed to have reached in the region of 84m units, which is about level pegging with Microsoft's Xbox 360.

  • Latoya Cobb