Nintendo Switch "Could Possibly Eclipse The Wii" Says GameStop

So hopefully we might get a guess of exactly how numerous Nintendo Switch have been sold so far. According to U.S. outlet GameStop, and its merchandising director Eric Bright, meanwhile, the Switch's success could well continue - in fact, he thinks the new system could even do better than the Wii.

"The Nintendo Switch is off to a start right now that it could possibly eclipse the Wii".

In an interview with GameRant, Bright described the Switch's sales to date as "phenomenal", and, while he stopped short of quoting actual numbers, said it was shifting lots of hardware and software in his stores. Nintendo now reckons it can sell 10m units in its next financial year starting April.

Nintendo has yet to give a specified number for the sale of Switch console. It seems some stores have started to sell their stock early, as online reports claim the systems are being sold in-store right now. It is mentioned that the Nintendo is going to fill up the shelves again and soon stocks will be updated on the stores like GAME, GameStop & Amazon.

The official site was one of the last online options to offer a Nintendo Switch to buy, although that has now flipped back to showing a message confirming more stock is set to arrive in late March.

Incidentally, GameStop will also be seeing new shipments of the Switch in their stores this Wednesday, March 22nd. Having access to Nintendo Switch's exclusive titles will definitely be a great appeal for them.

According to the tweet, gamers who trade-in a Wii U or Nintendo 3DS will get $150 in credit towards the Nintendo Switch. Nintendo Switch was a huge hit selling more than 100 million consoles world wide. If Nintendo Switch achieves to reach there, it'll definitely make more progress in the market. As such, for Nintendo Switch customers who are experiencing connection problems with their left Joy-Con, they are recommended to contact the customer service team of Nintendo.

  • Latoya Cobb