Democrat, Republican weigh parties' strategies in Gorsuch confirmation chess match

"I have concluded that I can not support Neil Gorsuch's nomination", the New York Democrat said.

After four days of marathon hearings before the Senate Judiciary Committee, Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer has announced that Democrats will filibuster the nomination of Judge Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court.

Fischer dismisses comparisons of Schumer's threat to action, or inaction, taken by Senate Republicans previous year when they ignored President Barack Obama's nominee to the Supreme Court, Merrick Garland. Since there aren't 60 votes in the Senate for Trump's nominee, Majority Leader Mitch McConnell is going to have an interesting decision to make. "If a nominee can't get 60 votes, you shouldn't change the rules, you should change the nominee", Murray's statement said.

"His career and judicial record suggests not a neutral legal mind but instead someone with a deep-seated conservative ideology, " Schumer said. Casey had been one of a dozen Democratic targets Republicans had hoped to woo as Gorsuch will need at least 60 votes to be confirmed and there are only 52 GOP members in the chamber.

"We will do what is necessary to confirm Judge Gorsuch on the Supreme Court, yes", he told Fox News' Shannon Bream on "America's Newsroom", when asked if they'd go that route. All of these issues could well come before the Supreme Court.

He said he did not think Judge Gorsuch would be a mainstream judge. Chuck Schumer, said today.

"There's been nearly a seismic shift in the caucus (against Gorsuch)", Senate Democratic Leader Sen.

Ten Democrats are up for reelection in states that Trump won, so Republican lobbying efforts have already been underway to push them not to filibuster. "His nomination will have a cloture vote".

Murray said one reason she's opposing Gorsuch is because of "chaos" in Trump's administration, pointing to his refugee and travel ban blocked by federal courts and an FBI investigation into the Trump campaign's connections with Russian Federation. "I suggest we fulfill our responsibility to this nominee and the country by considering his nomination in the manner his predecessor deserved but was denied".

  • Jacqueline Ellis