Beauty and the Beast pulled from cinemas in Kuwait

Disney's fairy tales are still racing: the new adaptation of the classic The Beauty and the Beast broke records at the box office last weekend to record the best start of the year in Quebec and America North. Just previous year, Disney's "Finding Dory" debuted with a then PG-best $135 million. Beauty and the Beast has yet to open include France, Australia and Japan.

The film releases in Australia on March 23, whereas Beauty and The Beast releases in Japan on April 21. The film studio has already proven itself a beast when it comes to transforming beloved animated classics into live-action event films, beginning with "Alice in Wonderland" and followed by "Maleficent", Cinderella and "The Jungle Book", but "Beauty" sets a new bar.

"Nostalgia is a very powerful driver for these films", said Dave Hollis, head of distribution for Disney. RT this and get excited!

Again, if this is a movie you liked growing up, you'll probably like the live-action remake.

Starring "Harry Potter" star Emma Watson, the movie has raised hackles worldwide among religious groups angered by its depiction of Le Fou, the sycophantic sidekick to antagonist Gaston, as a gay man - making him Disney's first-ever openly gay character. You have Luke Evans completely owning his performance of Gaston, a contemptible cad who wants to win Belle's heart through manipulative tactics, and Josh Gad as his closest friend and confidant LeFou.

Though many applauded the character's subtle twist as overdue progress, some derided it. Similar concerns over the film's brief scene prompted a drive-in theater in the U.S. state of Alabama to cancel showings. "In the same scene he also lifts up his shirt and shows a love bite on his tummy", Abdul Halim Abdul Hamid, head of Malaysia's Film Censorship Board, told AFP last week. An appeal is to be heard this week. It remains to be seen just how much "Beauty and the Beast" ultimately takes in, but it appears destined to become part of the billion-dollar club.

"As quote-unquote controversies go, this was a real tempest in a teapot", Dergarabedian said. "I don't think that was going to dissuade anyone except the most narrow-minded from seeing this film". On its opening weekend, Beauty and the Beast added another $170 million to the company's coffers.

Coming in second place at the domestic box office is Warner Bros. and Legendary Pictures' Kong: Skull Island, which brought in an estimated $28.85 million in its second weekend for a total of $110 million over ten days in release.

  • Anthony Vega