Initiative To Restore News Integrity Launched By Facebook And Others

The nonprofit called the News Integrity Initiative and sponsored by Facebook, Mozilla and other tech industry leaders and foundations, will be based at the City University of NY.

Grants from the research pot will be administered by The CUNY Graduate School of Journalism in NY, as well as academic institutions such as the London School of Economics in the UK, Sciences Po in France and others in the Netherlands, Germany and Denmark.

Center for Community and Ethnic Media at CUNY Graduate School of Journalism in the U.S. This all was spurred by the US presidential campaign, which was the subject of much of the "fake news" planted by opportunists with no ethical backbones on Facebook and other publications.

"The initiative will address the problems of misinformation, disinformation and the opportunities the internet provides to inform the public conversation in new ways", Facebook head of news partnership Campbell Brown wrote in a blog post.

The funds will support the News Integrity Initiative's mission "to advance news literacy, to increase trust in journalism around the world, and to better inform the public conversation". The Initiative will fund applied research and projects, and convene meetings with industry experts. Part of the responsibilities of News Integrity Initiative is conducting research, planning events and undertaking projects that assist people in making informed decisions concerning what they read and end up sharing online.

We're excited to announce we are helping to found and fund the News Integrity Initiative, a diverse new network of partners who will work together to focus on news literacy. Others contributing to the fund include Newmark and the Ford Foundation.

Recent polls have revealed that the public's trust in the news industry has significantly eroded, reports CNBC.

So good luck to the News Integrity Initiative. In December, it said it would start flagging fake news and would hire fact checkers and its users to detect false news reports.

The move is one of many efforts to crack down on fake news. "That means standing up for trustworthy news media and learning how to spot clickbait and deceptive news". At this time they are still seeking additional funding and participants according to the CUNY Graduate School of Journalism during their announcement.

  • Latoya Cobb