US ambassador: No question Russia meddled in election

"If you look at the conflicts we have in the world, they always go back to the human rights issues on the ground within those countries", Haley said.

While it's no secret that Russian Federation tried to tip the scales in favor of Donald Trump - a bipartisan consensus of lawmakers and the Federal Bureau of Investigation have now all conceded the point - it was still noteworthy to hear the admission come from a cabinet level White House official.

Haley said the administration is "looking at it to see, where can I show value, where do we see that it's just not working, what do we want our involvement to be, and the goal right now is that I hope you will see leadership from the United States". "There's no question about that".

The United States should "no longer take the excuses from China that 'they're concerned, '" she said.

The remarks are the first time that Haley, as a member of the Trump Cabinet, has addressed tensions between India and Pakistan. Marco Rubo in the Republican primary. "In case after case, human rights abuses are not the byproduct of conflict: They are the cause of conflict, or they are the fuel that feeds the conflict", she said.

Russian President Vladimir Putin has denied his country meddled in the 2016 contest between Trump and Democrat Hillary Clinton.

The US ambassador dismissed a suggestion that she was outshining Tillerson, describing the US chief diplomat as a "great partner" and stressing "we work well together".

Trump was speaking ahead of a scheduled visit from Chinese President Xi Jinping this week.

"I've been honest. That's all I've done, is tell the truth", she said.

Reporters asked Haley at the April 3 news briefing if that meant Washington would accept Assad could again run for the presidency in elections. "He can say what he wants, whenever he wants".

"The real story turns out to be SURVEILLANCE and LEAKING!"

Trump has alleged the Obama administration wiretapped Trump Tower during the campaign and the transition.

The U.S. push for a debate on human rights at the United Nations comes after the Trump administration signaled it wouldn't publicly criticize Egypt's human rights record during President Abdel-Fattah el-Sissi's Monday visit to the White House.

In fact, we were under the assumption Haley was appointed exclusively as a political favor to Henry McMaster - the scandal-scarred former lieutenant governor who ascended to the state's chief executive office upon Haley's confirmation as United Nations ambassador.

Haley joins Defence Secretary James Mattis as Trump administration officials who have forcefully called out Russian Federation for its actions during the 2016 usa campaign.

Diplomats said China and Egypt also expressed reservations over the debate that would be the centerpiece of the U.S. council presidency, along with a meeting on peacekeeping to be held Thursday and another one on North Korea on April 28.

  • Jon Douglas