Lebron James and Tristan Thompson get heated

During the waning seconds of the Cavs' thrilling double-overtime win over the Indiana Pacers, King James and Thompson erupted into an explosive argument on the team's bench.

So this may not have been a work of art from the Cavs, but it was something that worked.

While the Pacers have struggled lately, it is hard to not be encouraged by how the Cavs attacked them in the first half. Kyrie Irving left the building without speaking to the media for the second week straight, and rumors are now swirling that the Cavs are imploding as they get ready to head into the playoffs with hopes of defending their title.

Paul George led the Pacers with 28 points, while Jeff Teague added 19, but they were unable to prevent IN from its fifth loss IN its last six games.

Once the fourth began, the team opened the game up with a quick 8-0 run. The Chicago Bulls won Sunday and are now alone in seventh, a game ahead of the Pacers and Heat.

Either way, a win is a win is a stinking win, and the Cavs needed another one. A decision that felt even more baffling as he was indecisive on offense, and lost on defense. As James followed, Thompson turned and pointed at James.

The first overtime accelerated the process of giving my hairline the LeBron treatment.

Middleton hit the 3 from the right wing after Maker tipped an offensive rebound right back to his teammate to save a crucial possession that started with a Middleton miss from almost the same spot behind the arc. After that the Cavs offense bogged down as indecision once again sunk in.

The Pacers man finished the game with 43 points and scored 16 consecutive points at one stage in overtime.

In the second overtime we were treated to a continued duel between two of the best small forwards in the league.

As James iced his ankles and knees after battling Paul George for 52 draining minutes before putting away the Pacers, Thompson was having trouble cooling off. Kevin Love also contributed to the heroics as he hit a pair of shots in the post, as well as a dagger three.

The Cavaliers seem to be saying they don't care about the No. 1 seed, but it doesn't necessarily appear that way in moments like this.

LeBron James knows his heated exchange with Tristan Thompson didn't look good on television.

Regardless of what the Cavs did defensively, George was just special.

Westbrook had 32 points, 15 rebounds and 12 assists for his 39th triple-double of the season. "You try to keep him under his shooting percentage, make it tough on him and you live with the results".

The play of LeBron James was nothing short of spectacular early on. James set the tone on both ends of the floor and threw down several massive dunks.

Despite the Cavaliers' recent difficulties, James said the spirit on the team never flagged.

First of all, I think we both agree that we're not talking end-of-the-world stuff here.

This was undoubtedly the worst offensive game all season for Kyrie Irving. On the plus-side, he made some good passes and defensive plays.

LeBron James scored 34 points, Irving dropped 24 and Cleveland ended a turbulent and troublesome month with an easy 122-105 win over the injury-weakened 76ers on Friday night. They were the first 13 points of the period for the Pacers, which included two 3-pointers and an old-fashioned three-point play.

  • Angelo Rivera