Romo to be honorary Maverick for final home game

Retire while ahead as they say.

With the help of the Cowboys, Tony Romo landed on his feet and will be partnered with CBS' Jim Nantz this fall.

As nostalgic as I am about things in life, I typically find it easier to deal with news that I was expecting. The person spoke to The Associated Press on condition of anonymity Tuesday, April 4, 2017, because Romo's decision hasn't been announced. The fact remains football is a violent sport people; disclaimer.

Like Romo, running back Adrian Peterson is a player who is far past his prime while looking for a new team and also has an extensive injury history.

Rob: As Bryan said, because Romo was designated a post-June 1 release, the Cowboys can spread out his cap hit over two years but they can't get the $14 million in cap relief this year until June 2.

By drafting studs on the offensive line such as Tyron Smith and Travis Frederick. We all know Jason Witten will be included quickly. I do not think the Cowboys meant to draft a Romo replacement when the called the name of Mississippi State Bulldog.

Over the last month, the Tony Romo saga has basically been a never-ending cycle of repetitive SportsCenter updates. His contribution to the Dallas Cowboys should not be disregarded, or slept on.

Jay Cutler: The best-available passer on the market, Cutler now becomes a more appealing option with the Romo option now gone.

Romo with his full mental powers had a good team but a failing body. It's worked (and backfired) before, but in the furnace of reactionary and vicious social media commentary any mistake Romo happens upon will be exploited utterly without mercy. "If it wasn't for that interception and two fumbles, he's had a ideal game".

"No!" he began. "Or, shall I say, he shouldn't be?"

But Romo as a starter was always in the top five of quarterbacks to watch. "Sometimes you'd be like 'let's chill out.' I learned a lot from his perspective, really into searching for the best possible answer no matter what". Among the quarterbacks of the last decade, I couldn't put him ahead of (Tom) Brady, (Aaron) Rodgers, (Drew) Brees, Peyton (Manning), perhaps others.

It has been reported that then-Cowboys head coach Bill Parcells didn't want Romo, but Lacewell's eye for talent was good enough for owner Jerry Jones to take a chance on a free agent. When Romo broke his collarbone after being pressured by Giants weak-side linebacker Michael Boley.

That's the first thing a rookie going into the National Football League hears so they keep their conduct in check.

The Cowboys: When Romo tweeted a photo of himself wearing a jacket with the CBS logo, it was clear that this was a move that was in the works for weeks.

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