TV anchor reads out news of her husband's sudden death

On Saturday morning Kaur was reading a breaking news in live news bulletin when the reporter on phone unknowingly informed her about the death of her husband in a fatal accident. 28-year-old Surpreet Kaur was reading out a news piece about a road accident where three people had died on the spot, only to realise that the news was about her own husband.

According the police, Supreet's husband, identified as Harshad Kawade was travelling in Renault Duster auto when the vehicle was hit by a truck from behind.

Despite learning the shocking news while she was delivering a live broadcast, the Indian news anchor continued reporting for another 10 minutes, the Metro reported. We are proud of her as an anchor, but what happened today has left us in shock. Hailing from Bhilai, she had married Harsad Kawade a year ago and the couple were residents of Raipur.

This is published unedited from the ANI feed.

"She did not know it was her husband's auto until our reporter mentioned the number of the vehicle. But at her office, her strength and courage are still dominating the conversation". "We did not tell her".

Supreet Kaur while reading the morning bulletin on Saturday. As soon as she came out, she started dialling the numbers of her relatives when her colleagues got to know about the matter.

A TV anchor Supreet Kaur has set an example of a woman of character, courage and commitment. Fifteen minutes into the show, she was asked to carry a breaking news update.

The realisation however, didn't deter her spirit of performing her duty as a news reporter. His wife became extremely distraught since she found out the fact.

  • Jon Douglas