Uttar Pradesh Approves Rupees 36359 Crore Loan Waiver for Farmers

The decision of waiving off loans will benefit 2 crore 15 lakh farmers of the state.

He said there total loans of Rs 92,241 crore on farmers of Uttar Pradesh and government has only partially waived the crop loans of Rs 36,000 crore leaving them high and dry. However, opposition parties are right when they allege that the BJP did not put in the Rs 1 Lakh limit then; and in their poll speeches, party leaders have not specified details of the promise, keeping it open ended to attract as many votes as possible. Read Also: Traders feel Yogi not against abattoirsIn the run-up to Uttar Pradesh Assembly polls, Prime Minister Narendra Modi had promised to waive the loan in first cabinet meeting in case BJP government is elected.

As the figure is huge, the Uttar Pradesh government is mulling various options, including raising loans, to honour the saffron party's commitment to waive the loans of small and marginal farmers. They had suffered losses due to natural calamities in the recent past and were unable to repay loans amounting to about Rs 62,000 crore.

The State will also set up 5,000 centres for wheat procurement and will start purchasing 40 lakh metric tonnes of wheat at Rs 10 more than the minimum support price per quintal.

Srikant Sharma, the power minister who jointly addressed the news conference with Singh, said the cabinet had also made a decision to continue with the anti-Romeo squad.

Singh said it was a coincidence that the first cabinet took nine decisions on the occasion of Ram Navami, celebrated today. To be considered a marginal farmer, the farmer should have a land holding of less than one hectare, or 2.5 acres while as farmers with land holdings of 1-2 hectares will be considered small farmers.

The state government has also decided that mandatory self-defence training be provided to girl students in these schools. PM Modi had said the BJP would announce a farm loan waiver in its very first cabinet meeting if it came to power.

The minister said that the cutoff date for the loans would be the end of financial year 2016-2017.

The waiver applies to loans taken by these farmers against seeds for wheat and paddy crops, as well as pesticides and fertilizers.

  • Anthony Vega