Portsmouth Reacts to State Street Fire

At least one of those building collapsed and ladders were used to rescue residents before that building's collapse, according to FOX25.

A large fire broke out at the State Street Saloon near Market Square in Portsmouth just after 12:30 Monday morning.

Part of the building collapsed approximately 90 minutes to two hours into the fire fight.

The fire spread from the three-story building early Monday to a neighboring building that houses several apartments. Unfortunately, this fire went through the building pretty fast. "I said to the guys I couldn't get out and they laddered me down".

By sunrise, piles of rubble stood at the corner. He said "massive stream operations" were ongoing to battle hot spots while the firefighting effort was declared a "general alarm". Investigators were checking reports that the fire started in the kitchen area or possibly in a nearby alley, Achillles said.

The State Street Saloon, a local sports bar and grill established in 1983, was destroyed.

Achilles said one firefighter was treated for a minor shoulder injury after getting hit with a hose.

  • Audrey Hill