No-fly zone: Trump not allowed to use personal helicopter

If Trump's travel to and from Florida (which is covered by federal funds, and not from Palm Beach County specifically) is included in the tally, the price of a single visit to Mar-a-Lago balloons to $3 million, meaning the six visits have cost taxpayers a whopping $18 million.

County Commissioner Dave Kerner noted Bradshaw's cost evaluations, making the point that with Trump governing from Palm Beach County, "it becomes a very significant financial burden on the taxpayers" here.

The Coast Guard's budget is only a fraction of the government money spent toward protecting the president's estate.

The resort is already subject to tax breaks because it is incorporated as a club and because Trump surrendered the development rights in 1985.

The Broward Sheriff's Office, which loaned deputies last week for the Trump-Xi summit, estimated its expense at $48,000, and the Florida Highway Patrol says it has had $12,373 in costs for its help during three visits.

In West Palm Beach, police estimate they've spend an extra $50,000, most of it for protecting and managing protesters on the West Palm Beach side. Police spent $24 million between election day and his inauguration to protect the president-elect and his family.

He hasn't been to his New York City home since taking the Oath of Office, either.

The White House says the April 27 visit will give the leaders a chance to discuss ways to deepen the close partnership between the United States and Argentina.

Mar-a-Lago, the private club Trump has dubbed the "winter White House", lacks the established protection measures of the White House or Camp David, and officials there in recent months have been forced to build a presidential compound from scratch.

Palm Beach County tourism and convention outfits say they had not compiled numbers on direct economic impact from the reporters, government entourages and protesters that patronize Palm Beach County hotels, restaurants, gas stations and retail outlets every time Trump is here.

The cost of Trump's visits divides local residents, with the schism often falling along political lines.

In the past Mar-a-Lago staffers have said they do not keep a detailed visitor log, something critics argue might constitute a serious national security issue. Tom Udall (D-N.M.) said in March after demanding the resort begin logging guests.

The road closures were announced in a town email sent at 4 p.m. Wednesday.

  • Anthony Vega