National Football League head of officials Blandino resigns

That plan won't change, with the exception of a replacement for Blandino as head of officials.

Blandino was supposed to become the NFL's point man to review all replays from the league offices. The 45-year-old Blandino has young children and the job demands limited his time with them and his wife. More likely, he would be silent if it was an internal ESPN move and a future colleague.

NFL executive vice president of football operations Troy Vincent added: "Dean has done an outstanding job leading our Officiating Department".

The New England Patriots and the other franchises will probably - hopefully! - not feel the change atop the National Football League officiating as the vacant spot will likely be filled with someone who brings the experience to succeed Blandino; especially with the new rules in place.

He succeeded Mike Pereira as the NFL's vice president of officiating in 2013 and now he's expected to follow Pereira to TV by becoming a rules analyst. "Dean's knowledge of the playing rules, his tireless committment to improving the quality of NFL officiating and his unquestioned dedication to his job has earned him the respect of the entire football community".

And as far as understanding what the league wants on the field, no one on the planet understood that better than Blandino in a time where there have been drastic rule changes on a yearly basis due to safety concerns.

This season, the use of Surface tablets by referees for video replay will be instituted.

The news of Blandino's departure comes on the heels of a decision that will change the replay process in 2017. Except, it will not be Blandino heading the office.

Among the other noteworthy moves by his officiating department was the hiring of line judge Sarah Thomas as the first full-time official in 2015.

Blandino joined the league in 1994 as an intern.

  • Angelo Rivera