Pentagon looking into U.S. soldier chemical exposure after ISIS attack

The Islamic State group used chemical weapons against Iraqi forces taking part in the operation to recapture Mosul, injuring some security personnel, the military said today. He said no one was "significantly impacted". It also said the militants were increasingly using suicide motorbikes attacks.

ISIS has launched 52 chemical strikes against coalition forces in Iraq and Syria, the London-based IHS conflict monitor said in a report published late a year ago.

On Sunday, Iraqi Defense Ministry spokesman Brig.

An Iraqi unit with Australian and U.S. advisers was hit, with six soldiers suffering breathing problems as a result.

Martin on Wednesday wouldn't say whether USA or Australian military advisors were in the vicinity at the time. ISIS apparently had fired a rocket full of chlorine.

No Australians were injured in the attack however up to 25 Iraqis have been affected. As many as half a million people are estimated to remain overall in neighbourhoods still under Daesh control in western Mosul. The first attack occurred on Saturday in the Abar neighborhood of western Mosul.

According to the Iraqi central command, a number of Islamic State's militants have taken advantage of the displacement movement from the ISIS-held areas in Mosul towards recently liberated areas.

U.S. Army Maj. Gen. Joseph M. Martin, commanding general of Combined Joint Forces Land Component Command-Operation Inherent Resolve and 1st Infantry Division, discusses future operations for the liberation of Mosul with Staff Lt. Gen. Abdul Amir, commanding general, Iraqi ground forces, near Bakhira, Iraq, April 13, 2017.

  • Anthony Vega