Uzbek man suspect in Swedish truck attack

Nine of the 15 injured remained in hospital on Sunday, two of them in intensive care.

According to The New York Times, the head of the Swedish Security Service spoke at a news conference earlier Saturday, and while he did not identify the suspect by name he confirmed that the man was born in Uzbekistan, and admitted that their intelligence investigation a year ago did not turn up anything substantial.

He is being held on suspicion of committing a terrorist crime, the state prosecutor's office said, and is in prolonged detention, according to a police website.

"We do not know whether there are further persons involved in this act or not, but we are not excluding that" said chief of Swedish Police Dan Eliasson during a press conference on Saturday. Police across the Nordic region went on heightened alert after the Stockholm attack.

Police also said that the suspect had sought and been denied permanent residency in the Nordic country and was wanted for deportation.

Hysing explained: "The Migration Agency rejected it in June 2016 and also decided that he was to be expelled".

The motive for the attack is not known. Police have detained "about five people" in connection to the attack, according to authorities.

One brutal attack by a man who drove a stolen truck into shoppers in Stockholm has brought Sweden's open-door immigration policies under increased scrutiny - and raised the question if Swedish society, considered democratic and egalitarian, has failed to integrate its newcomers.

Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc on April 8 sent a message of condolences to his Swedish counterpart Stefan Lofven over a recent truck attack in downtown Stockholm capital. He later vowed that he would not give in to attempts to destroy democracy. There has been as yet no claim of responsibility for the Stockholm assault.

In neighboring Norway early on Sunday, police set off a controlled explosion of a "bomb-like device" in central Oslo and took a suspect into custody.

Police forces were pelted with stones on Friday night during the manhunt while arresting a 17-year old and his mother at an address linked to the suspect, located near the Rinkeby district of Stockholm.

Meanwhile, a vigil is taking place this afternoon in Stockholm for those who were killed in the lorry attack.

  • Jacqueline Ellis