Does Disabling SMT on a Ryzen 7 CPU Improves its Performance?

After digging through eBay Deals new offer on a 20% off coupon through select sellers (sorry, it's not all eBay), it's clear to skip the base model 1700 Ryzen 7 for $329.99 in favor of the mid-tier Ryzen 7 1700X as it is now cheaper after the eBay coupon with a drop from $399.99 to $319.99.

After nearly a decade of relative peace of mind for Intel, the launch of AMD Ryzen has set foot in the offices of the world's largest processor manufacturer for computers and servers.

Meanwhile there is still some mystery around the Kaby Lake-X CPUs since they will feature quad-core designs with dual-channel support and up to 16 PCI Express lanes.

The initial report comes from DigiTimes, whose report claims that Basin-Falls will launch at Computex 2017, backing up earlier rumours which claiming that the launch had been moved forward from August.

Coffee Lake chips will be the fourth processor line to use Intel's 14-nm architecture after Broadwell, Skylake, and Kaby Lake. How Kaby Lake-X would distance itself from the X270 variant is yet to be determined. Due to different core counts and architectures there will also be different TDPs.

Apple is rumored to have new machines in the works for 2017, including new iMacs, which are likely to use Kaby Lake chips.

Coffee Lake: Coffee Lake is a refinement of Intel's 14nm+ process (14nm++). The base clock is a 3.6 GHz one and you can boost it up to 4 GHz.

Coffee Lake, while highly anticipated, is expected to deliver only slight performance gains, similar to the improvements Kaby Lake chips received after Skylake. It's also rumored Intel's Coffee Lake chips will include more cores, giving the company a six-core ordinary desktop part for the first time ever.

The Basin Falls-based products are expected to be launched at the E3 gaming show in the United States in June, with the official release at the end of the month. Why buy a Kaby Lake-X at all?

INTC was originally scheduled to release Cannon Lake, a new 10nm chip this year.

It has X299 chipset with LGA 2066 socket.

Maybe there are, or maybe these rumors are missing some details.

  • Latoya Cobb