Google Home's assistant can now recognize different voices

Google has announced the Home device can now be set up to distinguish among the voices of users, meaning it can provide different information depending on which member of a household asks a question. Every time someone activates Google Home, a neural network (in other words, a type of software that gets better over time) will perform an analysis that compares the voice input to those initial setup recordings. This comparison takes place only on your device, in a matter of milliseconds.

When you open the Google Home app, you should see a notification that says Multi-user is now available. The big drawback to the six-month old Google Home is that it lacks some of those available in Amazon Echo, which premiered a year earlier. Anyone in range of the Google Home will still be able to use its non-personalized features. Tap Continue, then tap Invite if you want to add someone else to the Google Home. Google Home has finally gained multi-account support! Setting up recognized users requires that people log into the speakers using Google's Home app for iOS and Android.

To enable multi-user support, owners need the latest version of the Google Home app. Right now, Google Home is mostly a passive device that waits for your commands.

Despite Google Home's new ability to identify multiple users, it is still incapable of creating reminders or adding events to calendars - a feature that many would consider to be highly important. Google Home will respond with "Good Morning [name]", and then rattle off the weather and calendar appointments.

Although Google Home impressed us upon an early review, it has struggled to live up to the functionality of the Amazon Echo, which is now further along in its development.

Google said Google Assistant on Google Home should recognise you going forward and be personalised to you - from music to news. From there, you'll set up Google Home by saying "Ok Google" and "Hey Google" so that the speaker can link your account to your voice.

  • Latoya Cobb