United CEO: not to fire employees involved in passenger-dragging incident

Mr Munoz met with the Chinese consulate in Chicago over the possible impact to bookings from a customer being dragged off a plane but it was too early to tell if business in China had been affected by the event, the company said.

The overbooking of a flight was at the heart of a recent controversy involving United Airlines, which has been heavily criticized after a passenger on one of its flights from Chicago to Louisville, Kentucky, was dragged from the plane.

The 69-year-old doctor suffered a concussion, his lawyer said.

'It was a system failure across various areas, so there was never a consideration for firing an employee or anyone around it, ' Munoz said during Tuesday's quarterly earnings conference call.

A United Airlines Boeing 737-800 and United Airlines A320 Airbus on seen approach to San Francisco International Airport, San Francisco, California, April 14, 2015.

United Airlines shares plummeted after the incident by 4.3%.

Response to a letter Munoz sent to some of the airline's "most loyal customers" has been positive, he said. That's down from $313 million, or 88 cents a share, for the same period past year.

United Airlines chief executive Oscar Munoz.

Like the United Airlines CEO, Metrorail would have a ready string of excuses, cable theft being one of them. Then he noted that the board of United Continental Holdings Inc. has supported him.

United has announced that it will no longer call on law enforcement to remove passengers from flights unless there are safety concerns.

Spokeswoman Maggie Schmerin said the policy change is meant to make sure incidents like the one involving Dao "never happen again".

"It's really too early for us to tell anything about bookings and in particular last week because it was the week before Easter, that's normally a very low booking period", said United President Scott Kirby.

According to the couple, who said they were en route to get married, a federal marshal had escorted them from the plane before take-off from Houston, Texas, but United denied this on Sunday, saying in a statement that neither a marshal nor other authorities was involved.

United Airline's Image Takes Online Beating In Memes, Comments: Social media reaction to video footage of a passenger being dragged from a full flight Sunday night has been swift and merciless.

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