Jimmy Wales to Launch Crowdfunded News Site Wikitrubine to Fight 'Alternative Facts'

This crowd-sourced news publication is being called Wikitribune. The publication plans to pay their reporters through a crowdfunding campaign.

Wales argued in his video that because people expect to get news for free on the internet, news sites were reliant on advertising money, which created strong incentives to generate so-called "clickbait", catchy headlines to attract viewers. "We're getting people to sign up as monthly supporters, and the more monthly supporters we have the more journalists we can hire".

If you've been sentient for the past year or so, you'll nearly certainly have heard the phrase "fake news", or perhaps "alternative facts".

The project, Wikitribune, is to be a hybrid model - paid journalists will work with a broad network of grassroots contributors.

The site uses the Wikipedia model, displaying sources-meaning "you can make up your own mind", without facts that are tainted by bias, taken out of context, or "just plain ... made-up", per the site.

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Authors for the no-paywall site will cover a wide range of topics, from US politics to science and technology. They will then shape the topics that Wikitribune will cover as well as offer up fact-checking duties-again, the work of a typical newsroom.

Announced on Tuesday, the project is a collaboration between professional and citizen journalists in order to craft and cross check news articles.

Journalists desiring to publish on the site must link to the source of a fact or provide full transcripts and recordings of their interviews. "It's more a working together side-by-side approach", he said.

A site like Wikitribune is far less likely to be able to get that kind of financial muscle without strong supporters.

As with Wikipedia, Wikitribune will be ad-free and free for anyone to read, and will depend on independent donations to keep it afloat.

With more and more people consuming news online nowadays, the huge profit generated by fake news and its potential political impact have caused an onging debate.

So it's early days yet, but with Wales at the helm, and advisors ranging from model and actress Lily Cole to United States law professor Larry Lessig and Silicon Valley venture capitalist Guy Kawasaki, Wikitribune certainly has the foundations for something very exciting. But, it also plans to harbor the same culture instilled in their massive community of Wikipedia editors.

"It's a movement that we believe will eventually obliterate low-rent, unreliable news for good", WikiTribune reads.

  • Delores Daniels