Right-wing radio host Alex Jones responds to Chobani lawsuit

The story was tweeted out by Jones and other outlets.

The owner of Chobani, Hamdi Ulukaya, has employed about 300 refugees, mostly from Iraq, Afghanistan, and Turkey, at its Idaho and NY factories.

The lawsuit, which was filed in Idaho District Court, accuses InfoWars of knowingly publishing misinformation about the company and about Ulukaya.

"The Defendants' defamatory statements have caused and continue to cause harm to Idaho residents, including Chobani employees, their families, and other members of the Twin Falls community associated with Chobani", the filing concludes. As a result, the lawsuit said, some customers had called for a boycott of the company's products.

"In the company's earlier letter to Jones, it demanded the videos be corrected and taken down".

The company also wants InfoWars to acknowledge the false information - and says that Jones and InfoWars have ignored Chobani's repeated requests to take down the inaccurate coverage.

Jones, for his part, claims the suit is financed by George Soros and a "globalist conspiracy". In October 2016, a false story that a Washington, DC pizza restaurant was the center of a child-sex ring that was known by Hillary Clinton's staffer John Podesta dubbed Pizzagate.

As the Idaho Statesmen reports, Ulukaya-a Turkish immigrant who has publicly advocated for refugees-has in the past been a target for threats and misinformation.

These spurious claims circulated by Jones and InfoWars led to the exaggeration and falsification of the details by far right groups surrounding the assault of a five year old girl by three immigrants boys. Police and prosecutors said there was no rape, no knife was present, and authorities followed proper protocol, the Times-News reported.

Conspiracy peddler Alex Jones has another lawsuit to handle.

Jones has floated other controversial theories, including that the Sandy Hook Elementary School mass shooting and terrorist attacks of 9/11 were hoaxes perpetrated by the USA government. Because of Ulukaya's support and employment of the refugee population, Alex Jones has accused Ulukaya of attracting refugee criminals and rapists to Twin Falls as well as starting a tuberculosis epidemic by attracting more refugees to move to the area in search of employment. His lawyers in that case have argued he is "playing a character".

  • Latoya Cobb