Find Your Parked Vehicle Using Google Maps

The app is now able to mark the location of your vehicle as soon as you've parked, spelling an end to trekking around packed parking garages. You may never have to live through that frustrating situation again, thanks to Google.

The new feature is available now on both Android and iOS, all you need to do is update the app for free on the respective app store. Now Google Maps will help to make sure that you can always find your vehicle. Tapping the label will open more features such as adding a note like about the parking space, amount of time left before the meter expires, save an image of the spot, and send the details to friends. Google Maps also has the powers to remind you of the time remaning after every 15 minutes.

Users also have the option to leave parking notes - like the level and pillar number in the mall parking to help find your vehicle later - the time left on your parking ticket and add photos of the nearby area if you wish. On Android, users will have to park (obviously), and then tap the blue dot in the Google Maps app and pick "Save your parking".

Taping on the label opens up a parking card that can be populated with more info about the parking spot.

This feature comes in addition to Google Map's automatic parking detection for iOS.

Such perfunctory notes as "level 3, spot 35" can be easily tagged onto the rest of the information on the parking label.

Talking about the Android version, Google Maps users have to simply tap on the blue dot on the Maps.

  • Latoya Cobb