Jeremy Corbyn: 'Insecure' Theresa May will make damaging mistakes

House of Commons Library research, commissioned by the party, shows that completions in Labour councils averaged 2,577 per borough in the seven years between 2010 and 2017.

One way of making Labour's goal more achievable would be to raise the cap on local authorities borrowing money to invest in housing - former shadow chancellor Ed Balls ruled it out, but Corbyn previous year said Labour would lift it.

"So while it might not be the stuff of soundbites, I have always believed in standing firm and empowering others to make up their minds and come on board when they are ready".

Young people certainly helped Mr Corbyn gain the leadership of his party and he clearly sees them as playing a crucial role in this election if they can overcome their historic tendency to stay away from the ballot box.

He added: "It is the mind-set that gets community centres and nurseries built, and increasingly defends them from closure".

"Quite simply, only the Labour Party can deliver a fairer Britain".

Mr Corbyn said he had previously thought political leaders had no choice but to give in to "vested interests" while manipulating the public.

She said: "I don't think that this election is about changing the government".

"But I've learned there is".

However, 75% of all 18 to 24-year-olds who voted in the referendum wanted to remain in the European Union, meaning many could be attracted to the Liberal Democrats, who are pitching themselves as the anti-Brexit party.

Of course, the problem for Zarb-Cousin and his colleagues is that no matter how many messages from journalists you return and no matter how detailed your briefings ahead of announcements are, they're no good if your leader then spends the day following that press coverage dithering over whether he actually meant what was briefed, as Corbyn did following that strong coverage of Labour's new policy on single market membership and freedom of movement.

"There's a positive energy and a positive anger out there. On June 8 there's going to be some very interesting stories for you to report". Yet, our opponents are already trying to disrupt them. We don't look further, we don't ask questions. "I think this election is about preventing the Tories from getting such an overwhelming majority that there is no possibility of dissent in this country".

"I know this city is one of the places that people call a "traditional Labour area", May said as she arrived at the rally, wearing the same tartan suit that she wore to announce her Tory leadership bid. A decent Labour leader - if there is a Labour party left for someone to lead - will be one who accepts media hostility as the starting point, and does everything they can to counter that.

"Only a vote for Theresa May and her team can provide strong and stable leadership in the national interest, strengthening Britain's hands in the Brexit negotiations and helping us get on with the job of making life in the United Kingdom even better", he said.

  • Jon Douglas