Turkey's premier warns opposition against street protests

He says it has not negatively affected the public.

Many Turks already fear growing authoritarianism in their country, where tens of thousands of people have been arrested, and at least 100,000 sacked or suspended from their jobs since a coup attempt last July.

The main opposition Republican People's Party (CHP) deputy leader Bulent Tezcan formally requested that the Supreme Election Board (YSK) cancel the result.

Yildirim said the "the path to seek rights" should be limited to legal objections and urged the opposition to accept the vote's outcome.

"The crusader mentality in the West and its servants at home have attacked us", he said.

In their petitions Tuesday, the residents of Ankara said the decision and other reported irregularities were in open violation of the law. "The highest election authority decided however, as it were against the law, that envelopes without official stamp should be admitted".

The Council of Europe - which also monitored the poll - said the vote "did not live up" its standards.

Austrian Foreign Minister Sebastian Kurz said the referendum result was a "clear signal against the European Union", and ended Turkey's decade-old bid to join the bloc.

While some argue that making the president criminally liable and removing the current immunity he enjoys will check any shift to authoritarianism, it is a stretch to believe that a parliament dominated by the party which is in power will have the ability to muster enough lawmakers' votes to impeach a president.

The Istanbul Bar Association on Wednesday filed a criminal complaint against electoral board head Sadi Guven for "wrongful conduct" and "altering the result of the election".

In an interview with the Hurriyet daily, CHP chief Kemal Kilicdaroglu charged that the YSK "changed the rules of the game during the match".

Opposition parties are filing their objections to the electoral board Tuesday for the decision to count as valid ballots that did not bear an official stamp and other alleged irregularities. It wants the election board to annul the referendum results. "We have an unequivocal rejection of the death penalty".

President Recep Erdogan claimed victory on Sunday night in Turkey's historic referendum on a new constitution that will hand him sweeping powers.

The referendum was seen as crucial not just for shaping Turkey's political system but also the future strategic direction of a nation that has been a North Atlantic Treaty Organisation member since 1952 and a European Union hopeful for half a century.

Critics fear the changes will lead to autocratic one-man rule under Erdogan, but supporters say they simply put Turkey in line with France and the United States and are needed for efficient government.

Donald Trump congratulated Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan on Monday for winning a referendum that grants him vast new powers as worldwide observers raise concerns about voting irregularities and electoral fraud.

An unofficial tally carried by the country's state-run news agency gave President Recep Tayyip Erdogan's "yes" camp a narrow win.

"[Turkey survived past] crises, because it had a strong national security institution, the military, that ultimately stepped in and prevented the implosion of the country", Cagaptay said.

  • Jon Douglas