Police officer who shot and killed Texas teen is fired

The guidelines set out for officers when it comes to potentially being hit by a vehicle, reveals Dallas News, are centered around doing one's best to move out of the way if at all possible. "What we desire only second to having our beloved Jordan back, is JUSTICE FOR JORDAN", the statement reads.

The police department's latest statement, released Tuesday night, says officers entering the house heard gunshots ring out during a "chaotic scene with numerous people running away from the location".

The officer who shot and killed 15-year-old Jordan Edwards has been fired. Oliver then opened fire, striking Edwards, who was sitting in the front passenger seat. He was pronounced dead at a local hospital. Video revealed that Oliver fired as the teens' auto drove away from police, contradicting an earlier account that claimed the cop shot as the vehicle moved toward him in reverse.

Police originally said the vehicle was reversing "in an aggressive manner" toward officers, but later said that video taken at the scene proved the vehicle was actually driving away.

Haber revealed that the auto carrying the teens was moving away from the officer, adding that the action by the cop "did not meet core values", he said.

"Telling the media he "misspoke" during his previous statement, Haber "[took] responsibility for that" while noting the officer's decision to shoot at the fleeing vehicle Edwards was in "did not meet our core values".

The driver of the auto continued to back into the road despite multiple verbal commands to stop, the department said.

The officer involved has been with the department for about six years.

The footage of the incident is not yet public and there is no timeline for its release.

The Dallas County District Attorney's office released a statement saying they will independently investigate Edwards' shooting. "The lone motive they had for the murder was that the vehicle was being used as a weapon, and now that is no longer there".

An Edwards family attorney praised the police chief for owning up to his mistake. The family also stressed his connection to his family, particularly his siblings, who unfortunately were there to watch their brother die.

According to Merritt, Edwards 16-year-old brother was driving the auto and at first was unaware that his brother had been hit and "attempted to get away from the gunshots". Edwards is the 303rd person-and the youngest-killed by police this year, according to police shootings database maintained by the Washington Post.

"Please stop citing this young man's GPA as if it signifies how much his life was worth".

Oliver's lawyer, Cindy Stormer, told the Dallas Morning News that since the case is under investigation, "we can not make any comments at this time."The family has asked the community to refrain from protests as it prepares for the funeral, but many residents in Balch Springs, about 15 miles (24 km) southeast of Dallas, have told local media that racial bias may have been a factor in the death".

  • Jon Douglas