Police officer who fatally shot Jordan Edwards is fired

"We support our officers and our chief", Cluse said in an interview.

Haber met with Jordan's parents twice since his death, expressing condolences on behalf of the department and the city.

Last year, Tulsa, Oklahoma police officer Betty Shelby shot and killed Terence Crutcher in the middle of a roadway.

Speaking at a press conference late Tuesday following an internal investigation, Balch Springs Police Chief Johnathan Haber confirmed that Roy Oliver's employment had been terminated following the shooting.

Mr Haber changed this claim on Monday after video evidence proved the teenagers' vehicle actually driving away from officers. He added that the officer's behavior "did not meet our core values". Another family ripped apart by police brutality.

Lee Merritt, lawyer for Jordan's family, demanded the officer's arrest on Monday. "It may be embarrassing, but we need to change the culture where officers don't cover up for the indefensible".

The slain teen's family said that they are anticipating Oliver's arrest and revealed that Edwards' two brothers were also in the vehicle at the time of the shooting.

"The bond that he shared with his family, particularly his siblings, was indescribable". After Jordan's two brothers, Vidal and Kevon, along with their two friends, were forced to experience this tragedy up close as occupants of the vehicle, they were immediately treated as common criminals by other officers; manhandled, intimidated and arrested, while their brother lay dying in the front seat. "Their young lives will be forever altered".

Earlier Tuesday, the Edwards family asked that no protests or marches be held in Jordan Edward's name. Read the full statement below. Cops say they heard gunshots, and the surviving teenagers said they left the house party because they heard gunshots too.

Oliver was one of two officers who responded to a 911 call about "several underage intoxicated juveniles" at a residence in Balch Springs in Dallas County, Texas, on Saturday around 11 p.m. local time, according to police. The second officer did not fire his weapon during the incident.

"I take responsibility for that", Haber said. "The vehicle continued on the main roadway driving away from the officer". "America's first impression of them was tarnished and it wasn't true", she said. As they were pulling away, they heard someone cursing before three shots were fired into the vehicle. One bullet hit Jordan in the head and he later died.

The officer fired three shots into the auto, Merritt told CNN, based on eyewitness accounts from the other boys in the vehicle.

Merritt said police also detained Jordan's father when he showed up at the station asking about his kids.

"When you have a police force that's completely the opposite the makeup of the town, I do think it's a problem", Crockett said Wednesday in an interview.

The Dallas County district attorney's public integrity unit, and the Dallas County Sheriff's Department are reviewing the case.It is unclear if there will be criminal charges against Oliver. Grief counselors were made available at Mesquite High School, because Edwards was such a well-known, well-liked member of the community, Merritt said.

"If justice is to be had, by now a warrant should have been issued". According to the caller, a nearby party was getting out of control, and drunk teens were in the street.

  • Audrey Hill