President Trump calls Elizabeth Warren 'Pocahontas' in NRA speech

This isn't the first time that Trump has spoken to the NRA, which endorsed him in May of a year ago, but it does mark the first time since then-President Ronald Reagan did so in 1983 that a sitting president has spoken at its convention, ABC News reports.

President Donald Trump reaffirmed his support for gun rights Friday, telling attendees of a National Rifle Association convention that "the eight-year assault on your Second Amendment freedoms has come to a crashing end".

"Freedom is not a gift from the government. Freedom is a gift from God", he added. "I promised that if elected, I would nominate a justice who would be faithful and loyal to the Constitution. You'll have plenty of those Democrats coming over", Trump said.

That elections have consequences was made crystal clear at this week's NRA Annual Meeting and Exhibits in Atlanta, GA.

President Donald Trump declared his continuing commitment to gun rights, construction of a border wall and keeping out immigrants sympathetic to Islamist extremists before a gathering of one of the nation's largest and best-organized conservative groups. The speech was received with the kind of energy and excitement more common to a campaign rally than an annual political conference.

Even during his candidacy, President Trump was seen as a gun-friendly candidate.

As the first 100 days of President Trump's presidency comes to a close, the Trump administration and Congress have yet to deliver on any of the big legislative agenda items Republicans have talked about for years.

"I must say to the NRA that you are not welcome here in the 5th District, you are not welcome here in Atlanta", Lewis said.

He signed a law repealing an Obama-era rule that barred people that Social Security Administration had deemed unable to manage their own finances from buying guns.

"The right of self-defence is essential to public safety", he said, asserting that police believed that "gun ownership saves lives" and "these are risky times".

"Our police and sheriffs also know that when you ban guns, only the criminals will be armed", he continued. "We need the wall".

A supporter of restrictions on guns before he entered politics, Trump became a fierce champion of gun rights during his long-shot bid for the White House, earning early backing - and $30 million in campaign support - from the powerful lobbying group.

Sky's US Correspondent, Cordelia Lynch, said Mr Trump's speech was created to get hard-line conservatives on his side. "And we're not going away".

  • Anthony Vega