Top Mexican official calls US border wall a 'hostile' act

Then-presidential candidate Donald Trump holds a sign supporting his plan to build a wall between the United States and Mexico that he borrowed from a member of the audience at his campaign rally in Fayetteville, N.C., March 9, 2016.

"We have plenty of time", Trump said. "I think we will figure out a way but again, the Republicans are in charge now so the ball is in their court", Ryan said. "While congressional Republicans and the White House might be willing to accept lower defense spending and higher domestic spending than they would like for the remainder of the current fiscal year, they're much less likely to accept spending bills for the fiscal year that starts October 1 unless they increase defense spending and reduce nondefense spending, and fund some of the president's other initiatives such as increased border enforcement", Phillips wrote in a note.

Costello, R-6th Dist., said that he and a group of like-minded Democrats and Republicans in the House - known as the "Problem Solvers Caucus" - were hoping to pass a clean funding bill that did not have any controversial policy riders attached to it.

"Sixty-one percent of registered voters say funding a wall along the nation's southern border is "not important enough to prompt a shutdown", the poll stated". He said if talks between the USA and Mexico fail to satisfy both countries, the Mexican government would consider reducing security cooperation. Trump and his officials have been talking about including the funds for the border wall in a budget proposal to Congress on Friday.

"But we are pleased the president is finally backing off from the wall that Mexico would build this lovely wall, and every time there was some outcry about it, it would grow 10 feet taller", Crowley continued. "And the wall is going to stop drugs and it's going to stop a lot of people from coming in that shouldn't be here and it's going to have a huge effect on human trafficking".

"I've been pretty clear on this idea of a wall, building a wall from sea to shining sea is the most expensive and least effective way to do border security", Rep. Hurd said.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell told reporters that he's supportive of extending the health care program for miners but didn't answer a question on if he supports the pension extension in this particular funding bill.

Republican senator Jeff Flake, who represents the border state of Arizona, told reporters on Tuesday there was a need for a wall in some border locations and alternative deterrents in others.

Trump said that US Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly has told him the country definitely needs a wall.

What accounts for Trump's apparent willingness to put off construction of the wall? Schumer added on Tuesday that Democrats could support other forms of border security, however.

Foreign Secretary Luis Videgaray said Tuesday that he doesn't think such a wall would accomplish anything.

Still, the White House spent much of Tuesday attempting to deflect claims that one of the president's most discussed campaign promises has been shelved or delayed. "Right now, we're going to end [fiscal year 2017] this week". The wall, he insisted, would be built, but he did not offer a construction timetable.

But the White House is insistent that the wall must be built, and will not concede there will be a "delay".

  • Essie Rivera