Spurs' Parker has successful surgery on ruptured tendon

No Tony Parker, no problem for the Spurs.

Parker suffered the injury during Wednesday's Game Two win over the Houston Rockets.

Head coach Gregg Popovich made the necessary adjustments after the Game 1 loss and kept things status quo after his point guard went down in Game 2. There was one point in the game where James Harding was trying to will his team back into the game, but the Spurs were able to disrupt him when it mattered.

And if the Mike D'Antoni's going to continue putting undersized defenders on him, whether it's Harden or Trevor Ariza, we could see another good game from LMA tonight. Under in Game 3 broke the 6-game over streak, but this shouldn't be attributed to Parker's absence. We noted after last game how he was looking for his shot far more than the first game of this series, but he looked even stronger and was more efficient on Friday. "I got my feet wet and now I know how it's going to be and what to expect". He delivered on Friday, scoring 26 points and giving San Antonio a needed two-headed attack.

LeBron James led the way with 35 points, eight rebounds and seven assists.

Aldridge has a history of big playoff games in Houston, posting the two highest-scoring games of his postseason career here by scoring 46 and 43 points in the first round against the Rockets in 2014 with Portland. Even rookie Dejounte Murray, who got the surprise start at point guard, had a positive impact in his 14 minutes on the floor. Kawhi Leonard, Mills and Manu Ginobili filled in. This is an important (game) and you got to do it.

As much as Leonard does for this team (26-10-7 on Friday) he wasn't super efficient (9-for-20) from the floor.

That's awhile. Yes, 221 playoff games, in fact. For as well as this guy's been stroking it, it's hard to imagine he'll "struggle" like this again. Instead, it was Patty Mills leading the offense with 15 points and five rebounds in 30 minutes. Not when their big men get outworked by LaMarcus Aldridge and Pau Gasol in the way they did, protecting the rim and closing off all the angles for the easy shots that the Rockets drilled them on in Game 1. Once he finds the rhythm for taking that many shots, it could be scary the numbers he puts up. It also helped pad his shooting statistics, as he was 3-11 from three before hitting two late shots.

The void left behind by Tony Parker, lost for the playoffs to a knee injury sustained in Game 2, was never going to be filled by one player. Either way, the team needs something more than a few rebounds out of their future HOFer.

That all being said, a loss to the San Antonio Spurs tonight would spell the beginning of the end for Houston's 2016-2017 campaign.

It sounds too simplistic, but the Rockets just didn't make enough shots, which is where keeping the attitude and the confidence comes in.

The Spurs snatched home court advantage back in this series by winning their second straight game and leaving the Rockets, beaten to the punch basically all night, to wonder what might have been had they could scrap their way to what could have been their most critical win all season.

  • Angelo Rivera