UN condemns 'callous' attack on base in South Sudan

The head of the United Nations peacekeeping mission in southern Sudan, David Shearer, has strongly condemned an attack on its base in the country where civil war has broken out.Shearar said Friday the attack ignored the lives of civilians as "well as the lives of humanitarian workers".

"Unfortunately, this is not a unique incident in South Sudan, the most risky country in the world today for aid workers", the statement from Haley said.

He said in a statement that all parties to the conflict should to respect the sanctity of United Nations premises.

The group's chairman has thanked President Al-Bashir for the support being extended by Sudan to the citizens of South Sudan and its opening to the borders for them.

According to UNMISS, between 11 pm and midnight on 3 May, the mission's temporary operating base in Leer town in the former Unity State came under small-arms attack from the direction of the nearby government-held town. "It is clear the attackers have no consideration for their plight, given those who most desperately need help will suffer more because of a likely resulting delay of humanitarian aid".

Government officials were not immediately available for a comment.

Civilians in Aburoc now find themselves in areas controlled by the opposition armed group, facing a military offensive by the government forces.

The mission said the Ghanaian contingent of the UNOMIS mission, which is based there, quickly responded to the attack with fire, deterring the attackers.

"The civilians in Aburoc have nowhere left to go, with the (army) closing in from the south and options to flee northwards severely limited and fraught with danger", Zeid said.

In February, U.N. and South Sudanese government agencies declared that parts of the country were officially experiencing famine, with 100,000 people at risk of immediate starvation.

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  • Jon Douglas