Putin congratulates new South Korean president

"I will go to Beijing and Tokyo and, if the conditions are right, to Pyongyang also". Moon Jae is evoking memories of the "Sunshine Policy" pursued for over a decade and until 2008.

Calling Pyongyang's atomic weapons programme a "a hard problem that can be solved", Trump invited Moon to visit the United States "as early as possible", according to the statement.

The White House was quick to send a message of congratulation to Mr Moon.

Facing criticism from the right that his party is anti-American, Moon has played up Trump's apparent willingness to meet with Kim, saying he is on the "same page" as the U.S. leader. No specific timing was set.

Mr Moon, the child of refugees who fled North Korea during the Korean War, will lead a nation shaken by the scandal that felled Ms Park, whose criminal trial is scheduled to start later this month.

US officials, however, have expressed concern that Moon's advocacy of engagement with the DPRK could undercut the White House's aggressive efforts to isolate Pyongyang. Although not quite a landslide, it is a strong mandate for the liberal's conciliatory approach to North Korea and his pledge to rejuvenate the economy.

It said the centre would gather experienced officers from across the Central Intelligence Agency in one entity "to bring their expertise and creativity to bear against the North Korea target". He is willing to consider a visit to North Korea, or to convene a six-party conference of the powers in the region.

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un observes a factory operated by disabled military veterans, in this photo from the May 10 edition of the Rodong Sinmun newspaper.

In addition to renewed attempts at inter-Korean dialogue, Moon has also pledged to balance diplomatic and economic ties with the U.S., China, Japan and Russian Federation. "I will regularly talk and frequently meet with them", he said. The person wasn't authorized to publicly discuss the diplomacy and demanded anonymity. President Moon stressed that the alliance is the basis of Seoul's security and diplomatic policy direction and will continue that way, showing appreciation for President Trump's efforts to prioritize the North Korean issue. William Fallon and former State Department nuclear negotiator Robert Einhorn. Moon also spoke with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe on Thursday, with the two agreeing to cooperate closely on the North Korea issue. If needed, I will fly straight to Washington. "I will leave the Blue House and begin the age of a "Gwanghwamun president" as soon as preparations are done", the new president said in his first speech on Wednesday.

That contrasted with its one-sentence report of the election of Moon's conservative predecessor Park Geun-Hye in 2012, which did not mention her name or her support.

  • Jon Douglas