Suspect in crash that hurt boy had been deported 15 times

Lennox's mom and dad weren't hurt in the crash that happened Saturday night on their way home from Disneyland.

The suspect in the crash, Constantino Banda-Acosta, had been deported 15 times over the span of 15 years, according to border agents.

Banda-Acosta's wife said he had been deported from the US around January 10, but stayed in Mexico for only 10 days before returning to the U.S.

Should Banda-Acosta be caught trying to re-enter the United States again, he will face federal felony charges under new prosecution guidelines disseminated by Attorney General Jeff Sessions last month.

The Lakes made the long drive from Anaheim and just one block from their San Ysidro home, police say Banda Acosta slammed into the side of their auto where Lennox was strapped in his vehicle seat.

He told NBC 7, he works with some clients who have been deported half a dozen times and some manage to come back to the USA illegally, in less than a week.

10News was first to report on Lennox's injuries and his recovery at Rady Children's Hospital.

ICE agents say Banda-Acosta, a Mexican citizen, was deported 15 times since 2002, including most recently in January.

The victims' Honda Accord sustained the heaviest damage on the driver and rear passenger's side, where Lennox Lake was riding in his vehicle seat, relatives told the San Diego Union-Tribune.

The boy's parents suffered minor injuries.

He is also in trouble with Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), once again. "I'm hoping that justice does their job and things work out the right way". They stopped for milkshakes, then were slowing on Dairy Mart Road to make a turn toward home. "I'm a nurse, but I was freaked out pretty bad", Lake said. "His scalp has a laceration on it that required six stitches", Lake, who struggled to hold back tears, told KGTV.

The boy actually had multiple skull fractures and was bleeding from his ears and nose. He couldn't see and watch TV in his hospital bed, and he was getting bored, his father said.

He added that doctors said if Lennox's scalp laceration had been an inch further back on his head, "he wouldn't be here".

The woman told the station 10News her estranged husband was deported from the USA on or around January 10, but returned 10 days later.

"He's not paralyzed, he didn't lose his left eye".

  • Jon Douglas