Hackers obtain upcoming 'Pirates of the Carribbean' film

The hackers, demanding to be paid "an enormous amount" in Bitcoins, are threatening to release five minutes of the film online, followed by additional 20-minute increments until their demands are met.

Iger's response? Basically... "Come at me".

Hackers are holding a Disney movie for ransom, but Disney isn't paying up, according to a new report from The Hollywood Reporter.

Iger has not disclosed which film on the company's current slate has been targeted, but the details match those speculated last week surrounding the next chapter in the space saga.

Iger did not reveal the movie's title at a company town hall on Monday US time, but told staff that hackers are asking for a large bitcoin payment to keep the film under wraps.

Disney did not immediately respond to a Guardian query seeking confirmation.

A hacker last month leaked the upcoming season of Netflix's popular TV show "Orange is the New Black" after the company refused to meet the hacker's ransom demand. The hackers are saying that they will release bits of the movie should their demands not be met, so presumably unless the Federal Bureau of Investigation can get the movie back in time, we should have confirmation pretty soon.

Thieves and hackers and ransoms, oh my.

Even as many businesses are anxious about hackers taking control of their computers as part of the worldwide WannaCry ransomware crisis, Disney may be facing a slightly different ransom situation of its own.

The same thing happened to Netflix recently, with a high-profile leak of Orange Is The New Black.

  • Jacqueline Ellis