Nintendo Reveals Three New Characters for Upcoming Fighting Title, ARMS

While Arms will be the focus of tomorrow's video, Nintendo will also release a new trailer for the much-anticipated Splatoon 2.

Byte & Barq is a robotic duo that looks like a patrolman and his puppy companion, who works as a stage-roaming add and Super team-up partner. This robot fighter and his robot canine companion battle together to unleash devastating combo attacks.

So many game modes for ARMS!

The video also revealed that each of the characters will also have three special customizable arms that they can equip.

Multiplayer* Gaming: Playing with friends either locally or online is easy when using one of the various multiplayer modes in ARMS. One lobby can host up to 20 players (10 systems, 2 players per system). Finally, to round out the new characters, Twintelle was shown off for the first time, a glamorous movie actress inspired female fighter, with her hair actually being her Arms or weapons rather than her physical arms. You can play Grand Prix or VS while you wait for a Ranked matchmaking. These free updates will occur after the game launches, so watch for additional details!

The ARMS Global Test Punch will be the weekends of May 27 and June 3, with Friday night events North American time.

You can check out the entire ARMS Direct presentation below. Overall, not a bad showcase from Nintendo, with the Global Testpunch being an awesome way to see how current Switch owners enjoy it. The broadcast, which will happen at 11 p.m. United Kingdom time, will provide "a deep dive" into the new "ARMS" game designed for Nintendo Switch, the company confirms. Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

  • Essie Rivera