US extends Iran nuke sanctions relief, adds other sanctions

However since assuming the presidency, he has tempered his position, suggesting that he is studying the accord with an eye for its details, and that he is yet to reach a final position on its contents.

Aiming to undercut the perception that Trump is softening on Iran, the USA paired the announcement with new sanctions punishing Iran for its ballistic missiles program.

Wednesday's sanctions target Iranian military officials along with an Iranian company and China-based network accused of supplying Iran with materials for ballistic missiles, the State Department said.

Also, some of the waivers were set to expire this week unless they were extended by President Trump.

"As we continue to closely scrutinize Iran's commitment to the JCPOA and develop a comprehensive Iran policy, we will continue to hold Iran accountable for its human rights abuses with new actions", Acting Assistant Secretary of State for Near Eastern Affairs Stuart Jones said on Wednesday.

"It's a clear message to foreign banks and companies looking to do business with Iran: You will be taking significant risks if you deal with a regime engaged in continued malign conduct and still covered by a web of expanding non-nuclear sanctions", he said.

The decision on the sanctions waiver represented a major early policy choice on the nuclear deal for the Trump administration, which has said that it is engaged in a wider policy review on how to deal with Iran.

The waiver for these sanctions must be resigned every 120 days. Iran is buying 20 of the ATR 72-600 planes. The designations also make it illegal for US banks, companies or citizens to do do business with them.

Iran criticised a fresh round of U.S. sanctions imposed on its missile programme on Thursday, warning they would undermine the 2015 nuclear deal with world powers.

While both the US State Department and the United Nations nuclear watchdog agency report that Iran is compliant with the nuclear deal, evidence provided last month by the Iranian Resistance shows that the Regime has simply moved their base of operations to a secret site, resumed working on advanced centrifuges, and refused access to independent inspectors.

Donald Trump had previously stated his doubts about the Iran nuclear deal.

Iran, meanwhile, has been too busy to react, as it often does, to the seemingly contradictory announcements from Washington, seeing as Iranians are getting ready to cast their votes in the presidential elections on Friday, May 19.

Instead, the nuclear agreement's failure to lift the economy is at the heart of a surprisingly strong challenge from Ebrahim Raisi.

In his last electoral speech in the city of Mashhad on Wednesday, Rouhani who is running for the elections as a "reformist" candidate, said that the armed forces should not engage within any party or political group and "stay away from political games", in line with the recommendations of Iran's spiritual leader Ali Khamenei. "JCPOA" is the formal name of the nuclear deal. He has pledged to triple government subsidies, now $12 a month for the poorest Iranians.

Ahmadi was sanctioned for his role in coordinating Iran's ballistic missile flight tests, as well as research and development activities pertaining to the program.

  • Jon Douglas