Loosen Up: NFL to allow some flair in celebrations

This does leave a lot of to interpretations, but then again there was a lot up to interpretation before.

The league has liked the results so much, that it is now expanding it to allow teams to bring back two players from IR. Allowing for these kinds of celebrations will offer a little more enjoyment, and less frustration when a flag is thrown because a player is having a good time.

According to Tom Pelissero of USA Today, NFL commissioner Roger Goodell is expected to propose a major loosening of the celebration rules, which would allow using the ball as a prop, group celebrations, and going to the ground along with making snow angels.

In my opinion, this is a good change that shows that the National Football League heard some of the concerns, and Roger Goodell took the time to met with players to hear their concerns. That is why offensive demonstrations, celebrations that are prolonged and delay the game, and those directed at an opponent, will still be penalized. The fact the league is keeping overtime periods in the postseason at 15 minutes doesn't really matter, considering the postseason calls for games to reach a 2nd overtime and beyond until one team wins and one team loses. Both games were played at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome.

The owners also voted to eliminate the first mandatory roster cut that went from 90 to 75 players. He has recorded at least 100 receptions and 1,200 yards in each of the past four seasons. Second, the league will allow a second player to return from injured reserve. If celebrations are deemed a violation by on-field officials, players could still be penalized under existing unsportsmanlike conduct and taunting violations, as well as fined. Previously, only one could be recalled from IR during the season.

  • Angelo Rivera