Tom Cruise says 'The Mummy' will be 'full of adventure'

The cast also joked about how working with Cruise meant "stunts, stunts, stunts" and how they are lucky to be alive.

"The Mummy" star Tom Cruise was joined on stage by his fellow co-stars and director Alex Kurtzman to invite participants to enjoy The Mummy VR Zero Gravity Stunt Experience and The Mummy Escape Game at the complex.

The Top Gun star hasn't filmed in New Zealand since the Last Samurai, 15 years ago.

Soda said; "I'm not taking the piss here Rusty. we just get people to exercise their brains every morning at 6am".

Actor Tom Cruise, mobbed by fans as he arrives for the premiere.

"But you've got to play by the rules".

"I dunno how we're gonna work our way through it".

"So it was really nice to have that old-school "we are making a movie and we are trying our hardest" attitude".

"You know, I've wanted to put that in a movie, that stunt", Cruise said.

"Since I was a little kid I did that, I used to write skits to entertain my family and physically, for me, I was the kind of kid that would climb the tallest trees at four-years-old", he said.

"My character is a thief, and releases the mummy thinking he's going to get something out of it".

"Peaky Blinders" actress Annabelle Wallis, who stars as the love-interest in the movie, also had to do her own stunts including being underwater. When you're dealing with an elemental wall like: "I can not breathe underwater". This immersive VR experience was enhanced by Positron's Voyager platform, featuring custom engineering and software, guided 360-degree motion control, head-tracked 3D audio and haptic integration - allowing guests to experience the world of The Mummy in a way they could only imagine.

"So the cortisol that you produce in your body, the adrenaline is so insane".

  • Jacqueline Ellis