British Airways resumes flights but warns of delays

Saturday's airline computer failure was confirmed earlier by a tweet by British Airways which stated the following: "We apologize for the current IT systems outage".

He added that the problems with BA's IT systems previous year were not on the scale of this issue. At Heathrow alone, BA had 406 flights scheduled to depart after 2:30 pm IST and a further 71 at Gatwick, according to on Saturday. BA was asking passengers not to turn up until 90 minutes before their flights because of the level of congestion at Heathrow. "Many of you have been stuck in long queues while you waited for information", Cruz said in a video statement on Sunday.

British Airways (BA) resumed some flights from Britain's two biggest airports yesterday as it struggled to return to normal service after a massive computer system failure paralysed operations, leaving planes grounded and thousands of passengers stranded.

"All passengers whose flights were cancelled yesterday should not travel to the airport today unless they have already rebooked onto another flight", the airport said.

BA has said it is aiming to operate a "near normal schedule" at Gatwick and the "majority of services" from Heathrow.

BA Chief Executive Alex Cruz had said it was believed "the root cause [of the computer problems] was a power supply issue".

Another raft of British Airways flights have been cancelled at Heathrow airport, as the airline works to get its schedule back on track following global IT troubles.

The disruption continued into a second day, with more than a third of BA flights from Heathrow cancelled on Sunday as the airline battled to contain the "knock-on disruption" to schedules.

A BA spokesman said: "Our focus is on updating customers and doing what we can to get them to their destinations as quickly as possible". A significant amount of luggage has piled up at Heathrow, but the airline said it would be returned to passengers "as soon as we can" free of charge.

She said passengers had been told they could not transfer to other flights because "they can't bring up our details".

A spokeswoman for BA could not immediately detail the exact number of flights canceled on Saturday.

"In situations where an air carrier is unable to provide a suitable alternative flight and passengers travel at their own expense with an alternative air carrier, the original air carriers liability is limited to a full refund of the original flight costs".

Aviation expert Julian Bray was quoted by the BBC as saying: "It's frozen the whole system so no British Airways plane can actually take off, they can't move the baggage, they can't issue passenger credentials, in fact they can't do anything at all".

British Airway's passengers wait in line to re-check into an American Airlines flight in John F. Kennedy (JFK) global airport in NY onSaturday.

Some US airlines suffered from similar computer outages caused by hardware problems.

  • Latoya Cobb