Trump woos Macron, may disappoint on Paris Agreement

"Therefore we didn't beat about the bush but rather made it very clear that we six of the G7 member states plus the European Union continue to support the targets".

The summit kicked off with a ceremony at an ancient Greek theater perched on a cliff overlooking the sea where war ships patrolled the sparkling blue waters.

United States President Donald Trump seem to be exhausted from his trips to some parts of the world after he was caught sleeping while their Italian host, Prime Minister Paolo Gentiloni, was speaking during the G-7 Summit held in Italy this weekend.

The message was published as Trump left Sicily after the G7 summit.

The White House did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

The White House has said Trump won't announce his decision on the Paris Agreement until after the summit.

Ambassador Sergei Kislak told his superiors in Moscow that he and Kushner discussed ways to shield their pre-inauguration discussions from monitoring, the Washington Post said, citing officials briefed on intelligence reports.

The delay from the being seen as an area for concern for advocates of worldwide action to confront climate change. Newly-elected French President Emmanuel Macron, however, said he hoped that the USA would stay in the agreement that President Obama signed in 2015.

The Times said Trump's choice in Sicily showed the American president was "out of step" with his fellow leaders.

Trump, who for months has delayed a decision on the climate agreement, made his announcement at the conclusion of the Group of Seven summit in the resort town of Taormina, Italy. A press conference was held at the same time at the Richelieu mansion, which will host the world's top leaders in a year.

"Make no mistake: acting on climate change is in America's self-interest".

"His views are evolving" on the Paris climate agreement, Cohn also said. The U.S. hasn't decided yet. "That was a big topic where numerous European leaders talked about these global agreements ... without the United States it's sort of missing a big gap when you take the biggest economy out".

The Paris Agreement is a legally binding plan aimed at capping the rise of global temperatures and reducing emissions.

Climate was among the most disputed issues separating Trump from other leaders at the two-day meeting on the Sicilian coast.

"Had great meetings on everything, especially on trade", Trump said on Twitter on Saturday, Efe news reported.

Before the conversation between Trump and the other G7 leaders, Italian Prime Minister Paolo Gentiloni noted that all the other countries had confirmed "total agreement" to the pact, while the U.S. commitment was an "open question".

  • Audrey Hill