What is Microsoft Rewards?

While you can get your points this way, you could get more points if you use Microsoft Edge as well.

Microsoft then allows users to redeem the accumulated points against various rewards such as Xbox gift cards, Groove Music passes and skype credit. Microsoft is also partnering with a number of United Kingdom charities so you can donate points to these organizations instead.

The UK is the first market outside of the USA to have Microsoft Rewards become available, but the company has plans to launch the scheme in France, Germany and Canada.

Well, you can enter competitions to win prizes (including an Xbox One S and other Microsoft hardware) but there are other options that guarantee you an actual reward, rather than merely the chance of one.

To search for an item users merely need to highlight the area with their mouse and, using deep neural networks, Microsoft will change the image into a relevant text search to find what you are looking for.

During the day you can collect up to 60 points. So if you successfully manage to hit 500 points in a month, there's a second level that offers better rewards and pushes your point limit to a maximum of 150 points per day.

The Microsoft Rewards program gives points to those searching the Internet on Bing.

And these type of rewards can be obtained for FREE - if you just use Bing on a daily basis.

Recent statistics have shown how much of a stranglehold Google has on the search market.

It is a well-established fact that Google's search engine leads the market in online searches. It's one of a number of ways Microsoft attempts to convince consumers to use its search engine, alongside setting it as default in Microsoft Edge and promoting it throughout Windows 10.

  • Essie Rivera