Hackers could be from 'anywhere' - Putin

An oft-published photo of him sitting next to Putin at a gala dinner seems to hint he had close relations.Flynn has declined to testify to the U.S. Senate Intelligence Committee about his Russian ties, invoking his constitutional right to avoid self-incrimination.Putin, speaking to NBC News' Sunday Night with Megyn Kelly, said he recalled the dinner in question as a routine event.

The interview was tense at times, with Putin calling Kelly's questions a "load of nonsense". It has reportedly expanded to include the President's son-in-law Jared Kushner, who serves as a senior adviser to Trump, as well as his former campaign chairman Paul Manafort.

"Do you have something damaging on our president?' Ms.Kelly asks the Russian leader, who is listening to a translator through an earpiece".

"It is not coincidence that Flynn was placed next to President Putin", Michael McFaul, U.S. ambassador in Moscow from 2012 to 2014 and now an NBC News analyst said in April.

Former CIA Director John Brennan last month said he had noticed contacts between Trump's campaign associates and Russian Federation during the 2016 election and grew concerned Moscow had sought to lure Americans down "a treasonous path". "Not for the United States, but the leadership".

Kelly previewed the interview with Chuck Todd on Meet the Press this morning, showing the clip of herself asking Putin, regarding Flynn, "What was the nature of your relationship with him?"

According to Kelly, Putin also suggested that the Central Intelligence Agency may have framed Russian Federation for the hacking. "I was one of the guests there", he said. There's nothing to even talk about.

Russian President Vladimir Putin took his denial of Russian meddling in the 2016 election to a whole other level. "You created a sensation out of nothing". "That's the extent of my acquaintance with Mr. Flynn", he said.

"Right now, I think we have representatives from a hundred American companies that have come to Russian Federation". Where would we get this information from? "Are you all - have you all lost your senses over there?"

Intelligence experts have said Russian intelligence officials have a habit of trying to gather compromising information on influential foreigners when they visit. "A child" could have hacked the election, he said. "Every action has an equal and opposite reaction".

  • Jon Douglas