Colleges vow to fight climate change despite United States leaving pact

The Paris climate accord provides incentives to transform carbon producing energy to cleaner renewable energy.

Benjamin Habib, a North Korea expert at Australia's La Trobe University, wrote about North Korea's commitment to climate in 2014, two years before it signed up to the Paris Agreement. "And we plan on doing what we can to initiate the policies that match the accord".

President Donald Trump's decision to withdraw the United States from the Paris climate agreement on June 1 was terribly misguided, and his justification for doing so was misleading and untruthful. That's not far from former President Barack Obama's goals for a reduction of 25 to 28 percent as part of the Paris accord, Perciasepe said.

The Paris Climate Accord is non-binding and each country pledges to set their own goals to reduce carbon emissions and combat effects of climate change, more than 180 mayors across the country pledged to honor the Paris Climate Accord.

Some of the top recipients of government-funded climate programs have been some of the most corrupt - and the accord had no teeth to ensure money is used as intended.

What good does it do the cut its emissions back to a painful level when China and India can keep belching out greenhouse gases?

The pair met soon after the top US diplomat in China resigned, allegedly in protest of Trump's Paris decision.

The move has also caused a rift with India, after Trump accused New Delhi of receiving "billions and billions and billions of dollars" in return for joining the Paris agreement.

The momentum of existing climate-change efforts and the availability natural gas, wind and solar power mean those loyal to the Paris accord in the USA will have an easier time, with emissions expected to fall overall for years, said Robert Perciasepe with the Center for Climate and Energy Solutions, who worked with Bloomberg's group on the climate pledge.

When Trump said he was representing Pittsburgh not Paris, apparently he didn't know that Pittsburgh voted nearly 80 percent for Hillary Clinton - and that Pittsburgh Mayor Bill Peduto enthusiastically supports the agreement.

Despite the hullabaloo raised by the leftist media and climate-change alarmists, there is nothing about the US leaving the agreement that prevents Americans from continuing to invest in new energy technologies.

The decision was widely denounced by American politicians, pundits and leaders from around the world. That's a huge market incentive for the private sector to pursue new technology without the aid of taxpayer money.

Trump announced the United States exit from the 190-plus nation pact last week, drawing strong criticism from allies in Europe who vowed to turn to China and other countries as partners to implement the 2015 deal. "But even in the absence of American leadership; even as this administration joins a small handful of nations that reject the future; I'm confident that our states, cities, and businesses will step up".

Trump was right to stand strong for America.

  • Audrey Hill