Apple to showcase new features for its gadgets

Siri updates the watch face with new information through the day - think calendar entries, flight information, or smart home controls - using "machine learning to adjust automatically based on your routine" according to Apple's vice-president of technology Kevin Lynch.

Apple Inc. introduced Monday a music speaker, its first new hardware since Apple Watch was rolled out two years ago, at an annual gathering of software developers.

Sales of iPads are hardly what keeps Apple afloat, but they're still iterating and clearly have some plans up their sleeves about how you might use a new mid-sized iPad Pro.

During the launch of its HomePod during its WWDC conference, Apple spent the majority of its time demonstrating the new device's audio and speaker's music abilities, while Barley is mentioning that the device is another great way to experience Siri.

The HomePod speaker stands just under seven inches (18 cm) tall and is covered in fabric mesh that will come in white or gray.

Past rumors have suggested that Apple is coming up with its own Siri-powered smart speaker to rival Amazon Echo and Google Home, allegedly featuring a screen, unlike its competitors.

Users can interact with the speaker from across the room, even while loud music is playing. Siri can also be employed to play songs through the company's streaming service Apple Music.

Google got in next with the Google Home, a price leader at $110. The HomePod, Apple's smart speaker will not only be able to stream music, but will have Siri built in and be able to control smart home devices through HomeKit. "However, it costs $349, which is much more expensive than Amazon's Echo or Google Home".

Amazon and Google have been put on notice with the advent of Apple HomePod.

But Apple is late to the game on VR. The $349 price tag is a bit more expensive than comparably-sized internet-connected speakers, almost double the price of the Amazon Echo, and more than double the Google Home. An Apple spokesperson did not immediately respond to a request about whether Michelle Obama was being compensated by Apple for her appearance. The HomePod is the product of Apple wanting to create a device that's both a good speaker and a good smart speaker. Earlier Apple Pay transactions could be done only with businesses and institutions.

To live up to that bold claim Apple revealed some of the specs that make it such a powerful device.

  • Latoya Cobb