Warriors' Green stays in Game 4 after technical foul fiasco

Golden State Warriors head coach Steve Kerr said game four got out of hand against defending champions the Cleveland Cavaliers.

"He knows he's got to keep his composure", said teammate David West, who believed assistant coach Mike Brown helped settle Green late in Game 4. "I take full responsibility for that".

Realizing that they had called a second technical on such an important player, in such an important game saw them change their minds.

Nonetheless, Cleveland Cavaliers fans let the boisterous forward have it in the second half, as they taunted Green by repeatedly chanting, "Draymond sucks". "I thought I deserved it", Kerr said.

Lue said he thought Green had two techs, but that "evidently" that's not what happened, as a small smile crept over his face.

Draymond Green embraces his role as the villain as Cavs fans boo him in Game 4. And when you've got great teammates like I do who allow me to play with my emotions and be emotional when I'm talking to them, to use my emotions to the better for us, it's easy.

It didn't involve a punch to where the sun doesn't shine, but Draymond Green was at the center of the first controversy of the NBA Finals. "That's when we were informed by the table", said Callahan. "At that time, we did not do a very good job of listening to the PA announcer and we did not hear him announce it". No explanation was given about the play by the officials to the pool reporter after the game. With 1:55 to play in the first, referee John Goble definitely called a technical. "Maybe he will. I don't know".

If Green could somehow summon the 2016 Game 7 version of himself, the one who made six 3-pointers, scored 32 points and had 15 rebounds and 9 assists, Durant and a healthy Curry could probably take it from there. I speak to him, they T me up. OK.

"Did y'all watch Draymond Green talk behind the ref's back to Tristan Thompson?".

The clarification is becoming increasingly relevant in case of a here-we-go-again extension of this series to seven games.

  • Angelo Rivera