Bill Cosby's Defense Rests Case After 6 Minutes

Bill Cosby did not testify.

Camille Cosby was seated in the front row of trial spectators, a tight smile on her face and a publicist leading the way.

The prosecution in the Bill Cosby trial has argued that because Ms. Constand had been drugged prior to the sexual contact that reportedly occurred between herself and Cosby, she was incapable if consenting. He has pleaded not guilty and said the incident with Constand, 44, was consensual.

The trial will now move to the closing arguments phase.

Judge Steven O'Neill shot down the defense's bid to call a second witness, a woman who worked with Constand at Cosby's alma mater, Temple University.

Cosby is accused of drugging and sexually assaulting Constand in 2004.

Cosby's wife of 53 years, Camille - in the courtroom for the first time in the 6-day-old trial - was stoic during the defense argument but left when it was the prosecution's turn. Questioning Constand's reasoning for being there-and establishing that Constand was, if not reciprocating, at least aware of Cosby's romantic interest in her-has been key to the defense's argument so far, which it hopes will color the jury's perception of what might have happened the night of the alleged attack.

Jurors will hear closing arguments later on Monday in the courtroom in Norristown, Penn., and could start deliberating as soon as Monday afternoon.

It seems that around Bill Cosby, people immediately just want to rest. A conviction could send the 79-year-old Cosby, once one of the most beloved entertainers in all of show business, to prison for the rest of his life. He confirmed that Constand had visited Cosby inside his room at a CT casino before the alleged attack. Cosby had said before the trial he would not testify.

Cosby's testimony in her civil case shows just how hard a witness he would be to control.

Cosby didn't testify at the six-day sex assault trial.

In those depositions, Cosby admitted to stockpiling quaaludes for the express objective of giving them to young women he wanted to have sexual contact with.

"Trust, betrayal and the inability to consent". This case is about whether Ms. Constand had the ability to consent.

Prosecutors suggest Cosby gave her something stronger. According to Constand, she was suffering the effects of a significant trauma when she first reported the sexual assault to law enforcement. This is the only case to result in criminal charges against the comic.

His deposition was sealed for years until a judge released parts in 2015 at the request of The Associated Press, prompting a new set of prosecutors to take a fresh look at the case and charge him.

Last week, Kelly Johnson took the stand to accuse Bill Cosby of sexually assaulting her in California in the early 1990s.

Prosecutors countered by saying "fancy lawyering" can't save Cosby from his own words - namely, his admission about groping Andrea Constand at his suburban Philadelphia estate after giving her pills he knew could put her to sleep.

Bill Cosby, center left, listens to his spokesperson Andrew Wyatt, center right, speaks with members of the media as they depart from from Cosby's sexual assault trial at the the Montgomery County Courthouse in Norristown, Pa.

  • Anthony Vega