Nebraska preliminary May jobless rate drops to 2.9 percent

California's unemployment rate fell to a record-tying low of 4.7 percent in May, but experts still maintained that the state's economy is slowing down. "As the pool of people actively searching for work increases, our workforce-development agencies remain focused on ensuring that the next generation of job seekers have access to next-generation job training".

The number of unemployed people in SC has dropped to fewer than 100,000.

The U.S. earlier this month reported 4.3% unemployment, down from 4.4% month-over-month. The big decliner for this month was trade, transportation and utilities.

"Leisure and hospitality led job losses this month, down for the fourth straight month", Kelly said. "If Illinois had grown at the National average over that time, the State would have an additional 650,000 jobs".

Neighboring Berkeley County saw no change in the jobless rate during the last month, holding steady at 3.3 percent. North Carolina added more than 69,000 jobs in the past year. "They trust that we can provide them with skilled workers as they create jobs by expanding or opening new facilities in the state". Kentucky has seen a 6.1 percent growth in information jobs since May 2016.

Kentucky's education and health services sector showed the largest gains with 1,100 more jobs in May 2017. However, construction is up since May 2016 with 2,900 more jobs, an increase of 3.8 percent. The number of people employed in Norfolk fell by nearly an exact number (62) as the area's labor force did (60).

The improvement came on the heels of broad-based job gains as the state's economic growth has settled into a relatively moderate pace.

Manufacturing in Houston is now up 3.9 percent over the year, particularly in fabricated metals, after taking a dive in 2015.

  • Delores Daniels