Police fatally shoot pregnant Black woman in Seattle

Seattle police say officers responding to a report of a burglary at Lyles' apartment Sunday were confronted by a 30-year-old woman armed with a knife. Monika Williams, Lyles' sister, said police shot Lyles in front of her children.

"Get back! Get back", the officers were heard saying in the video. Seconds later, five gunshots were heard before officers shouted, "Get back!"

"They didn't only take one life - they took two lives", Wanda Cockerhern, Lyles cousin, told the Guardian on Monday.

Family members also said she was several months pregnant and had been struggling with mental health issues for the past year.

Before entering her apartment, officers can be heard on audio recording saying Charleena had been "talking all insane about how the officers weren't gonna leave". They could have taken her down.

Lyles' brother, Domico Jones, told KOMO: "They came here multiple times, so I know that they had to have known anything that was wrong with her".

For the unfamiliar, all Seattle police officers before joining the force are given training on how to handle people suffering from mental illness o drug abuse.

The officers talk about the woman previously brandishing large metal shears during an encounter with police, trying to prevent officers from leaving her apartment, and making "weird statements" about her and her daughter turning into wolves. Seattle police have said officers responding to a burglary c.

Jamieson said officers were conducting a "very thorough" investigation of the incident.

The department said Sunday that though this was a typical burglary report, "two officers were required due to information pertaining to this address that presented an increased risk to officers".

When the officers get to the apartment, all seems normal.

The responding officers can be heard on a dashcam audio recording released by police.

The recording then jumps to the initial conversation between Lyles and the officers in her home.

The Washington Post reports that an investigation into the officers' decision to use deadly force is underway, and both officers will be placed on administrative leave during the investigation.

Williams said that Lyles was supposed to get mental health counseling as one of the conditions for the June 14 jail release. What's more, half of people shot by police have a disability.

Police confirmed that three of Lyles' children are with other family members.

A court-appointed monitor overseeing use-of-force reforms has found that in responding to roughly 10,000 incidents a year in which people are in behavioral crisis, Seattle officers use force just 2 percent of the time.

"Wait, is this the one with like the three kids?" one cop can be heard asking.

"This event has traumatized the family, our residents, staff and the broader community". Because incarceration, police killings, beatings, charging our children as adults and locking them away for decades, all of these are inherent in the logic of repression that has always characterized the relationship between the US racist settler-state and Black people. Family members later identified the woman as Charleena Lyles.

Murray lived right below Charleen Lyles and her children at Sand Point.

Seattle's Mayor Ed Murray said the incident was a "tragedy for all involved and will be fully investigated".

  • Anthony Vega