Southwest Passenger Attempts to Open Door Midflight

A flight from Los Angeles International Airport to Houston stopped in Corpus Christi, Texas, Sunday to remove a "disruptive passenger", according to an airline.

The crew had to make an emergency landing in Corpus Christi after an incident with a passenger.

Passengers on board the flight said a woman attempted to pry open the emergency exit door during the flight. Local authorities met the aircraft at a gate and removed the passenger, the airline said. "Fearing for her safety and the safety of everyone on the plane, she took action and was able to restrain the passenger", Cleveland ISD Police Chief Rex Evans told the Houston Chronicle. "It would have cost a lot of people their lives", she said.

Daniel Gonzales said on Twitter: "I'm on this flight!" Once she identified herself as an officer, passengers began to calm down.

Then he heard a ruckus, looked back down the plane and saw another passenger subduing the woman.

Meant to arrive in Houston at 1:35pm, Flight 4519 was delayed for two-and-a-half hours before finally touching down at Hobby Airport around 4pm. When she moved towards the door, she was restrained by another passenger. "She wrote "Help me" and her name" on napkins, the traveller said, adding that he "knew something wasn't right".

KPRC reports the woman had been confronted by airport security in Los Angeles because she was yelling in the terminal, but she was still allowed onto the plane.

Video taken by passenger Kristy Gillentine showed the woman being literally wheeled off the flight by police. Due to the fact that the plane was in the air when the incident happened, they'll be investigating the matter.

  • Anthony Vega