Freak Baseball Injury Leaves Teen Fighting for Life

Jason Lockhart, the 15-year-old son of former Atlanta Braves infielder Keith Lockhart, was injured during a tournament in SC.

Jason's mother, Sydney Lockhart, says her son now has blood in his lungs and a fever. He has been sedated at Children's at Scottish Rite Hospital and needs surgery, she wrote.

Sydney posted Sunday evening that the doctors chose to do an endovascular embolization to determine where the bleeding is coming from. A CT scan showed the fracture was worse than first expected, and Jason had a tear inside his nose. On June 20, surgeons stitched a cut inside Jason Lockhart's nose, but the bleeding continued. They went in to his arteries and blood vessels and found the two most practical areas that could be feeding the areas where Jason has been bleeding. After that, we will wait 24 hours in the ICU to make sure there is no more bleeding.

Doctors then chose to put him on life support Friday, as even small movements could trigger bleeding, his sister Sydney Lockhart told CBS News.

"Last night they were able to put Jason into a paralytic state through meds and machines". It wasn't until they realized his nose wouldn't stop bleeding that something internally was going on. The doctors goals are to keep him this way through Monday morning, then he will have surgery to remove the packing in his nose and take his breathing tube out of his mouth. They are also doing more x-rays and tests to see if they can identify where more bleeding is coming from and if the platelets levels are sufficient to help with clotting. All they ask is for continuing prayers.

"We are amazed with the outpouring of love, support and prayers for our family and our sweet Jason, " the family said in a statement to TODAY. The teen had more surgery Sunday night and was to have another operation this week.

Keith Lockhart played for 10 seasons in Major League Baseball on teams including the Padres, Braves and Kansas City Royals before retiring in 2003.

  • Audrey Hill